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Four Birds

Bestiary Luscinia.jpg

Contributors: Phil Thompson

Picorum (Magpie)

bestiary magpie.jpg

The page consists of two columns of text interspersed with three woodcut etchings, each of a different bird species. At the top of the page, spanning…

Contributors: Brian Collins

Gallus Indicus

Arca Noe, Page_83_Illustrations.jpg

The page contains a woodcut image of a turkey, and a woodcut image of a rooster with a hen. Text describing these animals accompany each image.

Contributors: William Beatrez

Porcus (Boar)


This set of images include Kircher's porcus (boar), as well as a hunting scene from a medieval English bestiary.

Contributors: Griffin Hornung

Animalium Quinque

Animalium Quinque: The Badger

This is a description of five woodcuts of different animals on Noah's Arc: monkey, porcupine, door mouse, badger, and hedgehog. These descriptions are…

Contributors: Itunu Ademoyo

Arca Noë, Page 62: Pardus (Panther)

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 7.22.29 AM.png

This monograph page shows four woodcuts, each of a different animal: a wolf, panther, male goat, and female goat. Each picture is surrounded by Latin…

Contributors: Annie Young

Struthiocamelus: The Ostrich

Arca Noe, Page_78_Illustrations.jpg

On this page of "Arca Noë”, Kircher presents the reader with a depiction and description of an ostrich. The image is located in the top left…

Contributors: Dakota Goodchild Ortiz

Cervus, Asinus, and Onager & Bonasus


This page of "Arca Noë" depicts three woodcuts of different animals taken on Noah's Arc. One woodcut is of a cervus (deer), the second an asinus…

Contributors: Elliot Sanchez