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Page with Image and Textual Description of Beaver (Castor), Otter (Lutra) and Tortoise (Testudo)


This page has three woodcut print images on it. In the upper left of the page is a depiction of a sea otter. Below it, separated by a block of text,…

Contributors: Rosalyn Kutsch

Elephas and Camelus

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.22.46 PM.png

Page from Athanasius Kircher's Arca Noë.

Contributors: Andrew Seger

Rhinocerotem, Bufalo, Alce, & Equus


This page is a monograph page with four woodcut illustrations pressed into the page. It features a rhinoceros, a buffalo, an elk, and a horse; and…

Contributors: Sean Meehan

Hawk, Crane, and Stork


The page is mainly occupied by woodcut illustrations of a hawk, a crane, and a stork. In between the images, there are printed descriptions of each…

Contributors: Claire Polacheck

Humani Corporis (Human Body)


This page of Arca Noë includes a large central woodcut of a man against a grid background. Barely clothed, the man stands with his arms outstretched.…

Contributors: Molly Ni'Shuilleabhain

Columba (Dove)

Dove Close-Up.jpg

Contributors: Samyukthaa Saiprakash