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Page 81 of Arca Noë:  Falco, Pelicanus, and Cygnus


Arca Noëentries on the falcon, pelican, and swan, each with their own respective woodcut-printed illustrations.

Contributors: Angela He

Page 81 of Arca Noë:  Falco, Pelicanus, and Cygnus

Arca Noë: Swallows and Finches

Illuminated Swallows.jpg

On this page of the Arca Noë six different types of birds are depicted, apparently different types of finches from my observation of their shape. The…

Contributors: Sophia Giudici

Elephas and Camelus

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.22.46 PM.png

Page from Athanasius Kircher's Arca Noë.

Contributors: Andrew Seger

Tigris, Urfus, et Leo

Arca Noe, Page_60_Illustrations.jpg

A page of text describing the animalsTigris, Urfus,andLeo.Each description is accompanied by a woodcut printed image of the animal embedded in the…

Contributors: Lucas Eberhard

Animalium Quinque

Animalium Quinque: The Badger

This is a description of five woodcuts of different animals on Noah's Arc: monkey, porcupine, door mouse, badger, and hedgehog. These descriptions are…

Contributors: Itunu Ademoyo

Arca Noë, Page 62: Pardus (Panther)

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 7.22.29 AM.png

This monograph page shows four woodcuts, each of a different animal: a wolf, panther, male goat, and female goat. Each picture is surrounded by Latin…

Contributors: Annie Young

Cervus, Asinus, and Onager & Bonasus


This page of "Arca Noë" depicts three woodcuts of different animals taken on Noah's Arc. One woodcut is of a cervus (deer), the second an asinus…

Contributors: Elliot Sanchez