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Gryphus (Griffin)


This page of Arca Noe features a woodcut of a griffin. Kirscher describes the animal's appearance, behavior, and habitat.

Contributors: Olivia Jones

Page 81 of Arca Noë:  Falco, Pelicanus, and Cygnus


Arca Noëentries on the falcon, pelican, and swan, each with their own respective woodcut-printed illustrations.

Contributors: Angela He

Page 81 of Arca Noë:  Falco, Pelicanus, and Cygnus

Tigris, Urfus, et Leo

Arca Noe, Page_60_Illustrations.jpg

A page of text describing the animalsTigris, Urfus,andLeo.Each description is accompanied by a woodcut printed image of the animal embedded in the…

Contributors: Lucas Eberhard

Serpentes (serpents, snakes)


This image depicts eight serpents of varying species and sizes. The species are specified above each specimen. The image was created using an…

Contributors: James Stahl

Ciconia (Stork)

Arca Nöe Page 80: Ciconia (Stork)

This page of "Arca Noë" includes one woodcut image of a heron. On this page, Athanasius Kircher describes the physical appearance and properties of…

Contributors: Jeremy Roberts

Monkey and Mule

kircher 2.jpg

A page of the Arca Noë featuring woodcuts of both a monkey and a mule. The text of the top portion of the page is a description in Latin of the…

Contributors: Elicia Bates