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An illumination from MS M.81 of the Morgan Library, featuring two magpies against a circular background.

This modern photograph depicts a European, or common, magpie.

A woodcut of a pica (magpie).

Vulture (Medieval Bestiary).jpg
Depiction of vulture in The Physiologus by Epiphanius, a book of half-page copperplate illustrations of animals

kircher 2.jpg
Woodcut of a small, long-tailed monkey. The monkey is walking on all fours, has fur and and almost intelligent face.

Dürer's woodcut image printed in 1515 based on a rhinoceros brought to Lisbon

Stork (British Royal Library).jpg
A stork, depicted with a snake in its beak.

Stork (Medieval Bestiary).jpg
Image of a Stork from the book Koninklijke Bibliotheek, which is listed in The Medieval Bestiary.
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