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"In 1595 the swiss naturalist Camerarius received a description of this strange animal from a nobleman in the imperial embassy in Constantinople that was claimed to be a true unicorn. The animal was taken as booty from Abyssinia. Camerarius sent the…

This image of an Onager is from a medieval manuscript dated around 1300 England. The Onager is "a wild ass that can predict the coming of the equinox" (Medieval Bestiary).

This image of the mythical Bonnacon is from a medieval manuscript dated around 15th century England. The Bonnacon is a "beast like a bull, that uses its dung as a weapon" (Medieval Bestiary).

Onager & Bonasus crop.jpg
This page of Kircher's "Arca Noë" depicts a woodcut of the Onager & Bonasus. This woodcut takes up the bottom quarter of the page and includes a description of the animal's physical traits and behavior.

Arca Noe, Page_61_Illustrations.jpg
This page of "Arca Noë" depicts three woodcuts of different animals taken on Noah's Arc. One woodcut is of a cervus (deer), the second an asinus (donkey), and the third is of the mythical offspring derived from an onager (wild ass) and bonasus…
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